why doesn’t anyone ever bring up the fact that barbra streisand and lauren bacall made a movie together


🎶”Yes I want to build a snowman!”🎶



"All whales in captivity are all psychologically traumatized;  it’s not just Tilikum."

"If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, don’t you think you’d get a little psychotic?"

"There’s no record of an orca doing any harm in the wild."

Blackfish (2013)

These are not domesticated animals. We have no right to treat them as such. These are dangerous predators who are extremely intelligent. These are animals who are more like us than we know. They hunt for food and sport. Like us. They live in communities. Like us. These are animals who seek to kill. Like us. Do not treat them like horses who have been domesticated for thousands and thousands of years. They are not our trick ponies. They deserve to be respected and treat as our equals, because in the water, they are not much different than we are on land. They are our equals in the sea. And we should fear them the way we fear each other.

Those fucking divers deserve it


trends women should avoid 2014: men’s opinions 


The insanely talented and epically hilarious Elaine Stritch has passed away today. You will forever be a lady who lunches and Jack Donaghy’s horrible/awesome mother on 30 Rock.

RIP =(

February 2, 1925 - July 17, 2014



Seen as it’s the light of my life’s birthday, I thought I would make a masterpost of sorts to celebrate her incredible talents. This doesn’t include everything available because there is so much out there, but there’s a lot! Some albums and footage only feature Chris briefly. Nearly all the links are to online sources and not downloads. Please don’t delete any links or text if you reblog!

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 I think the songs speak for themselves. I have never claimed to be a brilliant keyboard player. I’ve never claimed to be a brilliant singer. I’ve never claimed to be a brilliant songwriter either, if it comes right down to it, I’m not prolific. I don’t write many songs, and the ones that I do write and complete I do because I like them. If I start something off that’s a dog, I dump it. I don’t have banks and banks of songs that are gathering dust. I’ve got ideas on a bit of tape with a nice little riff that I’ll drag out, and go, okay, I’m going to make something of this. And for that reason I don’t have many songs to give away. If I like them I want to do them myself.

          Happy birthday, Christine!